Marketing Partners, Inc.

Market Research

At Marketing Partners we don’t presume to have all the answers, but…

…we do know how to ask the right questions. In fact, we’ve asked thousands of questions of thousands of people from all walks of life. This is why market research is first of the five disciplines we see as essential for success: market research, strategy, quality, branding and communications.


We employ a full range of tools for our clients from focus groups and surveys to data mining and modeling — using both traditional and online approaches. We do concept testing, new product evaluations, attitude and usage studies and customer satisfaction surveys. We test new product ideas, advertising, branding and promotional concepts and strategies.


But we are more than just a toolbox of services. With decades of experience, Marketing Partners brings high-level insight and depth to each project we take on.


Our “hands-on,” practical approach gets you information about your customers’ or employees’ concerns, opinions, ideas and problems. It offers you workable ideas and solutions. Our reports are succinct and easy-to-read providing clear actions and next steps.




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