Marketing Partners, Inc.



The world is changing at an accelerating pace. So are we.

We offer a client-driven mix of branding, business planning, business development, fundraising, marketing, marketing communications, market research, organizational development, performance improvement, product innovation, quality management, public relations and project management capabilities to both for-profit and not-for-profit clients.


But, most important, Marketing Partners, Inc. is in the business of helping people succeed. That will not change. It has been our mission statement for nearly 30 years. It is also our business definition.

We focus on business improvement, principally in three areas:


• Customer Focus, which includes using innovation, customer engagement and market research tools to create market-driven products and processes designed to gain and retain customer loyalty;


• Organizational Advancement, which views the organization itself as the product and focuses on developing both strategy and organizational capabilities; and


• Revenue Enhancement, which employs fundraising and marketing tools to identify and tap new sources of revenue.


We pride ourselves on being flexible, innovative and easy to work with. We have created subsidiary companies and joint ventures with interlinked specialties to focus more narrowly on business improvement and organizational development, market and opinion research, strategic planning and fundraising. Our principal offices are in Michigan and Florida, but we serve clients throughout the United States.

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